Frequent Parker Account Registration

If you’re a frequent airport parker, we encourage you to take advantage of our airport parking program. After all, you’ve been through this process enough times to know what you want when you arrive at the airport: A convenient, accessible place you can leave your car during your travels. You want your vehicle to be safe and secure the entire time you are away. And most importantly—you want an affordable solution that rewards you every time you pull into the lot.
The Frequent Parker Card provides all these benefits and more. When you want a fast and reliable parking solution that won’t cut into your travel budget, we provide the perfect fit.
PreFlight Parking Free Parking: Earn a future free day of parking for every six days you’re parked with us.
PreFlight Parking Earn Airline Miles: Earn 1 mile for every $1 spent on parking (redeemable with American Airlines or United Airlines).
PreFlight Parking Guaranteed Parking Space: You’ll always be able to find a parking space on any PreFlight lot (type of parking cannot be guaranteed).
PreFlight Parking Friendly, Personalized Service: Our team of drivers and staff members care about both you and the vehicle you leave in our care.
PreFlight Parking Reduced Wait Times: Get into the airport faster and more efficiently every time with our streamlined parking process and shuttle service.
PreFlight Parking Corporate Discounts: Save more with frequent parker registration for all your employees.
Whether you travel for business or pleasure, take advantage of our savings options and become a frequent airport parker who handles arrivals and departures with ease. Register now!
* Award threshold based on regular rate and differs by location.
**The discount is based on number and frequency of travelers. For more information please contact the General Manager at the facility you frequent. Click here for a list of our General Managers and their contact information.
*** One point earned for every dollar spent on parking. Points expire two years from the transaction date.
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